"Festival in the Forest" or a fantastic 2012 UK Convention

   The Bardwell Batty Bees invited us to Elveden Forest Center Parcs in Suffolk, GB to celebrate the  annual Convention 2012! 


Here is the Debonaires' and my story of the festival! 


"Festival in the Forest" was a wonderful weekend of fun and friendship! Queen Bee Dorry, her Co-Queen Vivian and a large number of Bees did an amazing amount of work to organize a "Wok and Roll Night" (Chinese food and Rock and Roll music), a "Masked Ball" and a "Barbeque and Sing-along" evening with sketches performed by the Batty Bees, as well as a memorable bus trip to Bury St. Edmunds, for guided tours of this historic town and a lovely traditional tea. 


Friday 5th October 2012 



Here we are nearly there, but we are a tad early and very hungry, so we are having a break and discovered that McD has some lovely salad meals and the coffee was more than welcome! 


Good job my car is rather big ... "is there still room for a hat?"



We all stayed in chalets and had wonderful fun and friendship with nearly 200 Red Hat Ladies. 





The village was amazing, built around a lake and full of very tame and well fed wildlife.



We met Empress Elisabeth from Germany, with two of her new German chapter, Sieglinde and Margie -  the "Red Hat Power Ladies". 




Carina, the Queen of "Rhapsody in Red" and Vivian, the Queen of "Ladies in Red" from Sweden, brought 10 of their chapters over for the celebrations




The Bardwell Batty Bees had taken a great lot of trouble, making sure everyone felt welcome and had a wonderful time. In every chalet we found a welcome pack


In the pack we found cakes, tea bags, milk and a bottle of strawberry vodka ... hmmmm


















And my little Sock Monkey Princess Huggles thinks it would be a great idea to get some vodka ...










We sat at table 5 together with the "Swaffam Sparklers" - the lady with the brilliant wig is their vice-queen Princess Moggy


The first evening (Friday) was themed "Wok and Roll" ... as you can see, Chinese food and delish it was too!



And if you look closely, you see some more of the Batty Bees' handy work ... they made all the table decorations!

















The band was great fun and soon had everyone on the dance floor



Even Dorry looks like she is having a go ...










... "What is in your fortune cookie?" ...














Ninelle is having fun dancing ... Queen Emerald Taffeta (Eileen)  is having a rest with a G&T ... that was our preferred tipple ...




The Debonaires are all happy and enjoying themselves

from the left: Queen Emerald Taffeta, Lady Ruby Red, Lady Love and Lady Lighthouse Pearl

or Eileen, Denise, Ninelle and Margret




Princess Huggles is getting in on the act ...





The Camberries look fantastic all dressed alike


And don't they look like they are having a great time?!



We had a brilliant first evening !









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