Portishead Point A5484 - Bristol Channel, UK

Latitude 51 Deg 29.6 Min N
Longitude 2 Deg 46.4 Min W
Height of tower 9 meters
Elevation 9 meters
Character Q (3) W 10s (current)
Range 16 M



The official title of this station is Portishead Point, but it is usually known as Battery Point, which is the name of the land it stands on.
This lighthouse is maintained by the Bristol Port Company. The Estates and General Purposes Committee gave the approval for this lighthouse in September 1930. The lighthouse was built very quickly as it is listed on a survey from March 1931. The tower was built by Chance Brothers of Smethwick. It had a sixth order flashing beacon and a fog bell. Batteries charged by mains electricity now power the light.
Since it has not been painted every three years, due to financial restraints, the metal framework of the tower has become rusty to the extent that place are now being discussed to replace the lighthouse with a new structure.



March 2004, still no paint, but new lighting apparatus.





May 2005. The lighthouse is still not painted, but there seems to be a new reserve light (hidden behind the main one)















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