Half Moon Reef Lighthouse, Gulf Coast, Texas, USA



The Half Moon Reef Lighthouse today is located next to the Chamber of Commerce just of the Texas Highway 35 at Port Lavaca.


We saw it on Labour Day in 2002. We were travelling with daughter Susan along the Gulf Coast of Texas on the lookout for lighthouses.


It was incredibly hot and humid that weekend and we were very glad about the air-conditioning of the car. But this little lighthouse invited us to photograph it.


The only sad thing was the fact that the lighthouse was closed. Shame!


Further information and a picture of how the lighthouse looked while still in service, you can find here Halfmoon Reef Lighthouse, Texas at Lighthousefriends.com and Working Half Moon Reef





It was first lit in1858, it is inactive since 1942, but a  decorative flashing light is displayed.



                                   The fog bells of the lighthouse are displayed by the side of the entrance.







There are several plaques placed around the lighthouse to tell about the history of the lighthouse.












































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