We are

Stan and Margret


Kusje (Dutch for "little kiss").



We are married and live in the English West Country with our Cotton de Tulear dog. Stan is a retired production engineer and comes from a long line of lighthouse keepers. Margret was a  Computer Systems Manager; she is German and has lived in England since the early 1980s.


Stan collects stamps and builds radio controlled scale models.
He has an impressive collection of philatelic items and postcards with lighthouses on them, written up as album pages - one (or two or three) for each lighthouse. The stamps are mounted together with a picture and as much information - technical and historic - about the lighthouse as we can find. We have over 1500 different lighthouses from all over the world represented in our collection! And there are many more to collect and find!


Margret types the album pages and loves building the website

She also writes about our lighthouse adventures for other people. And she takes a lot of the photographs. She has slowed her own collections right down, because the lighthouses and model boats are taking over our life!

As for the stamps, we had been thinking for a long time about a topic for Margret to collect. The Stamps are of "Old Masters" paintings of "Madonna and Child". Again, we had to restrict the collection, so that it didn't get too big. This is a winter occupation and is taking second place after the lighthouses.

Apart from that, Margret became a Citizens Advice Bureau Volunteer Adviser. And that takes up a lot of time - both advising and training. 

She also joined the Red Hat Society and starting making jewellery. Not enough hours in the day !!!


Why we came on the Web?

We want to share our hobbies and make contact with other who have similar interests!
We are both very interested in lighthouses, their history, stamps, pictures and postcards and the technical information of them. So here we want to show the lights we have photographed and tell you what we know about them.

And since we moved our website to somewhere with more room, we are beginning to show you the stamps and Cinderellas (look like stamps, but are mostly advertising etc.).





We hope you enjoy our WebPages and we would be very pleased if you could enter a quick Hello and your comments in our guest book! 


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